The wild west in Petz 4

Who will you meet in this old ghost town? Click on the Wanted Poster to bring in the picture of your choice. Watch for the endangered Desert Tortoise and a Tumbleweedz or two blowin' across your path.

Details[edit | edit source]

The Wild West is a 'hot' place to be, and with your friends Pepe and Wyatt to guide you, how could you go wrong with this playscene? There are decorations like cacti and large rocks.

Toyz[edit | edit source]

Tumbleweedz: These appear randomly when you visit the Wild West. Petz treat it like a normal toy.

Collectables: There are various Wild West themed collectables that appear randomly when you visit. They include arrow heads, rattlesnake tails and more.

Wanted Poster: Click this poster to put a Petz Pix of your Petz in the 'Wanted' frame. It will stay there, and make your Petz feel like an animal outlaw!

Water Trough/Pump: Pump the pump to fill the trough. This is drinkable and makes Petz feel refreshed.

Game (Petz 5 only)[edit | edit source]

Tic-Tac-Toe: Click on the Prairie Dog to start the game. If he doesn't go first, you do. To make your move, pick up your Petz and drop him in the square of your choice. Three X's in a row and you win a prize!

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