Petz Community Wiki

Clean and dress your Petz in the Salon! Watch the tub fill with bubbles, wash them with the soapy sponge, and dry them off with the towel. Dress your Petz for adventures with clothes and items from the Wardrobe on the right. Left-click to drag clothes on and off your Petz.


This room has a checkered floor, a wardrobe on the right and a bathtub on the left, with a table in between.


Wardrobe: Use this to dress up your Petz. It comes fully stocked with all outfits, and they're easy to put on and off. Click the arrows to see more clothes.

Bathtub: This fills with bubbles when you pull the shower cord. It is a ledge where you put your pets to bathe them.

Shower Cord: Pull this to make the bath fill with water and bubbles. Pull it again to drain the bathtub.

Soapy Sponge: Rub this across your Petz while he's in the tub. It is like petting to him, and he will enjoy it.

Towel: Use this to dry your Petz after a bath and wash. It is the sole component for removing paint.