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A playscene is one of any of the areas featured in the Petz Games. A playscene has a set of characteristics, including horizon line, whether or not seeds will grow, footprint, sounds and background image. In the original Petz and Petz II, players were limited to two playscenes, the playpen and the player's desktop. The later Petz Games have several to choose from. Beginning in Petz 4, players could make their own playscenes using the in-game Playscene editor, where players could create playscenes easily and quickly, without the use of a hex editor.

Splash Pages[]

Petz 4 was the first version to have travel scenes. The original travel scenes included Arabia, Gypsy Circus, Snow Scene, South Seas Island, and Wild West. Before each travel scene, a splash page that matched the theme would appear for roughly six seconds.

Gypsy Circus splash page.

While these screens are visible, sound effects relating to the playscene's theme can be heard; for example, elephants and circus music at the Gypsy Circus, seagulls at South Seas Island, and so on.

The splash pages were removed with the release of Petz 5.

Petz 5 Playscenes[]

The Petz 5 Salon scene, which replaced the Clothes Closet from versions 3 and 4.

The Haunted Mansion scene

Petz 5 brought with it several changes to playscenes. The Toy Closet playscene was done away with entirely, being replaced by a carrying case that stored all toyz, rather than the previous nine. The Clothes Closet was replaced with the Salon, a playscene with basically the same purpose, aside from the addition of a bathtub used purely for entertainment. Most playscenes also received minor cosmetic changes with the release of Petz 5. In addition to these alterations, three more scenes were added, with these being the Asian Temple, Fantasy Castle, and Haunted Mansion. The Fantasy Castle and Haunted Mansion were both categorized as home scenes, despite their travel scene-like appearance. The Playpen was also removed in Petz 5, which is a common complaint among those who play this version.