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Choosing a profile.

PetzA is an add-on for Petz 2, 3, 4, 5 and Babyz, created by Sherlock Software. It is free to download and used by most Petz users because of the many useful new features it introduces:

- Some bugs are fixed, such as the sound lock-up under Windows XP/Vista
- An unlimited number of Petz can be taken out to play, instead of just two.
- Petz can be forced to exit through the carrying case on command.
- The file size of .pet files can be reduced greatly by using the family tree trimmer, often referred to as "trimming".
- Mating two petz, having the litter be born, and growing up can all be done instantly.
- In Petz 5, you can pre-set the number of babies (up to four) for your next breeding.
- The speed at which the game runs can be changed at will. - Brainsliders are used to control your petz in many ways: you can set their energy level, fullness, fatness, sickness, 'horniness' and age, and control how healthy, neglected, or flea-infested they are, all on a scale of 1 to 100.
- You can change the gender of and (un)neuter your petz.
- The pictures taken in-game can be saved as PNGs or GIFs, instead of BMPs (the default and only option the game normally has).
- Petz can be organised into profiles, allowing you to open the game with only a certain selection of your Petz in it. Profiles may be enabled by clicking PetzA -> Manage Profiles while in game.

PetzA brainsliders

Installing PetzA[]

To install PetzA, players must first download the file from Sherlock Software. Once downloaded, it should be placed in the location (Petz/Resource/Toyz) on the computer. Once you run the program and properly install it, PetzA will add a .toy file to the Toyz folder. The next time the game is opened after PetzA installation, the toolbar in the top left corner will display the option 'PetzA'. When clicked, a drop-down menu will show and will give various options that can be chosen.

PetzA drop-down menu options.