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The Nursery.

The Nursery is a playscene found only in Petz 5. Before PetzA enabled users to go to the Nursery at any given time and to have any Petz out while in it, it could only be accessed by taking out a nursing mother. No other Petz were able to go into the Nursery.

Nursing mothers and their offspring cannot leave the Nursery until the litters reach the puppy or kitten age (12 on Brainsliders).

Negative Reception[]

Many players were frustrated by the confinement that the Nursey forced upon them, and various fixes began to show up. Some players simply deleted the Nursery, while others installed fixed versions of the game. PetzA allows players to access the Nursery at any time.

Appearance and Toyz[]

The Nursery contains a crib, mobile, shelves, and windows. As with most windows in the Petz games, the ones in Nursery may be open

The Enchanted Box in open and closed positions.

ed. The mobile spins and plays music when it is clicked. The Nursery is decorated with green wallpaper adorned with red, green, and blue balloons. It has a hardwood floor covered with a teal rug with stars and crescent moons on it.

There are only two Toyz found in the Nursery; the milk bottle and the Enchanted Box, which contains a small musical carousel.