The Family Room

The 'Family Room' is a playscene first introduced in Petz 3. It features a chair where objects and petz can be placed, an interactive fireplace and a wall where picture frames and clocks may be hung. The 'Family Room' is one of the most-visited playscenes because of its simplicity. Relax by the fireside and watch your Petz play! 


The 'Family Room' consists of a fireplace, a window, a golden chair with a blue cushion, a cuckoo clock, a plug socket on the wall and a blue circular rug in the centre of the room. There is a light-sandy coloured carpet and a latticed wallpaper. If you have Catz 5, two small mouse-holes will appear at either end of the fireplace in which there are a family of little mice. The plug socket on the wall comes in handy when you have obtained the green night-light, as you can plug it into the socket and it will light up. The 'Family Room' is the first room your newly-adopted dog or cat will come into.

Toyz & Interactive Features

Switch: This is a clickable, which starts a fire in the fireplace once clicked. It will put the fire out when you click the switch again.

Chair: A comfy ledge that you can place your Petz on.

Plug Socket: Plug the paw-shaped nightlight into the plug socket and it will light up.

Basic Toyz: When you play the game for the first time, there will be Starter Toyz here. Add them to your shelves so they never get lost!

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