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Arabia as it appears in Petz 4.

Arabia is a playscene in Petz 4 and 5 with an Arabian/Middle Eastern theme. It is a travel scene, and its host characters are Jones the mutt and Pharaoh the siamese.

In Petz 5, it is one of four playscenes with a minigame.

Appearance and Toyz[]

The Arabia playscene is a single room with two windows, one windowsill which Petz may sit on, and, in Petz 4, a bench and divider. In Petz 5, the scene is slightly different to allow for a minigame. In Petz 4, the Arabia playscene is proceeded by a splash page fitting the same theme.

Spash screen for Arabia in Petz 4.

Toyz found in Arabia include a snake in a basket, a flute for charming the snake, a round pillow, a square pillow, a magic lamp, and more.

Changes in Petz 5[]

The Arabia playscene changed greatly with the release of Petz 5. The bench

Arabia as it appears in Petz 5.

and divider from Petz 4 have been removed to accommodate the vases necessary for the minigame, Scarab Crunch.

The upper window looks less realistic than it did in Petz 4, and the floor tiles have been changed entirely. The lower window on the lefthand side of the scene has been redrawn, but looks mostly the same. More noticeable cracks have been added in the walls, exposing more brick.


In Petz 5, Arabia has a minigame called Scarab Crunch. The About Area box gives the following information about the game:

"Mini Game: Scarab Crunch: Click on the vase on the left to start the game. A silly Cobra and his hoard of Scarab Beetles have infested

The snake that appears while playing Scarab Crunch.

Arabia! Can you and your Petz catch them all and bring peace to this oasis? Catch six in a row to win a prize!"

Scoreboard for Scarab Crunch.

As it mentions, the game is started by clicking on the large vase on the lefthand side the of playscene. An animated snake comes out of the vase as music plays and scarab beetles begin to emerge from the four tall vases on the right. The game is won by hovering over all six scarab beetles, either with a pet or the mouse.

If all six scarabs are not caught, the game will not be won. Progress in the game can be tracked by watching the scoreboard.